It is very easy to get carried away with all the negative things that has happened to us It is also easy to concentrate on the fact that you did not hit many milestones; no certificates; jobs and all that... Oh, you did not get babe (both genders)πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ But there's a lot to be thankful … Continue reading ’20/21

Book Review: Am I Being Fooled?

The Bible is the logical most illogical book ever There are so many misconceptions about God, the Bible and Eternal life If people would just calm down and do research (back to thisπŸ’€) I'm not saying go to church even if you'd have to eventually, carry out an objective research It's so amazing how much … Continue reading Book Review: Am I Being Fooled?


Why will you want carry out a project, and do not expect your results to be topnotch. Why will you do things for "doing sake" and not worry about the results? If you have a job, DO IT WELL. If you produce content, let your content be topnotch. There is a difference between being in … Continue reading Excellence!


I've been feeling stressed lately and I was wondering why. Yea, I'm doing a lot of things at the moment but still I'm not supposed to feel so stressed. So today I took a break, mi o le wa parami The break will not last the whole day but it was rejuvenating. I put everything … Continue reading Rest!